Pain Full Shayari In English 100+ Pain Fully shayari

Pain Full Shayari In English

Pain Full Shayari In English

How easily did you say

Let’s just forget me

Would have said it clearly

That you die a lot now die

There is a lot of crowd in this sheer of love

Once the parting does not get back

An angel comes slowly in the sweet nights

An angel brings some happiness dreams

It says to drown in the ocean of dreams

Sleep quickly forget all the pain

Last night I wrote all my sorrows on the wall of the room, just then we slept and wept.

I asked how you know the words of my heart, when she has settled in spirit then why this question.

False love, promises of loyalty, vows to keep up with, how much people do just to spend time.

A beautiful relationship ended like this, we kept on playing friendship and he fell in love.

He got very clever in love chess,

Stripped our life by making the heart a pawn !!

It was my belief that I considered him, my partner,

He walked with me but was looking for someone else !!

I have brought a lot of change in myself but

That habit of just remembering you is still there !!

There was the fire in his picture at night,

My heart was full of ulcers when I saw it in the morning !!

Nothing much changed between him and me,

Earlier there was no hate and now there is no love !!

Don’t stop, let me write pain,

Today the pain will cry or it will give pain !!

We knew the result of our tomorrows,

That’s why we learned poetry before love !!

Want to hear his voice once but I do not even have an excuse to talk !!

Without me, there will be some deficiency, you can take life as you wish !!

It was believed that after the storm, the whole garden was found, even the dried leaves were entitled to the winds !!

This love is very strange, otherwise what was the age to do poetry?

There were only two witnesses of my vow, one time that passed and one that retracted !!

My heart does not matter if you cry

Those who have more loved ones often get painless.

In search of love

Why have you left

Love finds himself,

To be wasted

No one comes here forever

But no one goes the way you went.

It is a strange story of your life,

What we have wanted is to beg of us,

To make friends laugh

Otherwise, there is water in these eyes.

Dard Bhari Shayari In Hindiย 

Pain Full Shayari In Hindi

ย Pain Full Shayari In Hindi

What is it that leaks from the eyes,

There is something inside, which hurts like this,

I can say, but not even say,

Some are injured, which sob here.

They write their complaint on the wall of pain,

hey God keeps those we love.

Then there is another one

Ashik’s extermination date.

This was the day when the heart was broken

And love was murdered publicly.

Slowly, now the pain of your love has subsided,

Neither the joy of your coming nor the sorrow of your departure,

When people ask me the story of our love,

Let me say that there was a problem which is over now.

Tell me how much more pain it will give

By doing this, God bless me,

Death is better because of the suffocation or choking,

Never wake me up to sleep like this

Become friends and erase me,

I have seen many different color changes,

You kept the silence silent and covered me even more,

You are better than me

Let them be given the title of love,

That every wound given by them should be accounted for.

Takes all the aspirations of the heart,

Take away our identity from us,

Do not love anyone friend

Those who say life dies

When the heart breaks it hurts a lot,

Love makes this heart also cry a lot,

Pain is realized then

When someone else falls for our love.

This dishonest city has become very honest,

No one picked up the coin from the bag of pain.

We also keep the eyes that win,

We also have the effect seen in the crowd,

So we have sworn to make someone smile,

Otherwise, we also keep the sea in these unlucky eyes.

When the wounds fill my chest,

Tears will also become pearls,

Don’t ask

Who gave pain,

Otherwise, some of their loved ones will get off.

Do not think of going beyond the paper kayak,

Do not think to touch the flying storms,

This love is very painful not to play with it,

As far as possible thinking of saving the heart.

How did I get the punishment to give you my heart,

Have to cry when trying to smile,

Who will be here for my painful nights,

Pain is what you tried to try.

The flowers of the spring will one day wither away,

I will remember you from forgotten somewhere,

You will realize our love,

Whenever we will go far away from you.

Whose hopes are settled, let them be settled,

Painful blisters, let alone in the liver,

Querido my heart, this application is where the people,

The secrets are still hidden, let the secret remain the secret.

Do not ask the condition, after their reception,

My floor is lost, after separation,

Surrounds the eyes, decrease after Harpal memories,

I have gone missing after painful loneliness.

Somewhere like this every day,

Our condition was yours

The night we spent suffering,

You would have spent that night.

Do not show yourself over others,

Look at the mirror, don’t ask Ahab,

Tell the lion good, tell the truth, say little

Do not feel sorry for the pain.

We were living by taking his name

They used to pass by taking our salute

Yesterday he forgot to forget

We asked howโ€ฆ?

So gone, giving jam in the hands