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Good Night Gf Shayari, Good Night Girlfriend Shayari In Hindiย 

Good Night Gf Shayari
Good Night Gf Shayari

It’s lonely weather and sad night

What is this visit they got separated from the mill

The heart is beating but there is no voice

What a strange thing those beats took along!

Make me your partner, I am your shadow, take me, this night journey will become even more beautiful, you can come or call me in my dreams or Good Night My Love

Now there is no need to talk, now all the talk with the eyes is very bright with your door, open the jump and now, wait for a long time, I will wait for your bedside to support your arms for sleep. Give me this beautiful dream Good Night I Miss You Baby

So go to the heart, now there is a lot of haze in your city, you cannot see it and what you see is not your ownโ€ฆ.

Why do not sleep on this night all night? It tells the stories of fairies throughout the night, it keeps mooning; the eye is in the light of the stars, its dolly is in the sky, all of them are safe;

With the moonlight, come to your yard this night, let the stars in the sky sing you lullabies, let your dreams be so sweet and sweet, that you can always smile while sleeping .. !!!

Just because of leaning on the empty eyelids, you are not able to sleep. Those are the people who have no memories.

He kept thinking about this by changing his position overnight, know why he changed, by changing me so much.

Sleep by saying my name every night, open the window and sleep by turning the pillow, we will also come to your thoughts, so leave a little space and sleep.

We love your memories, all our lives also love you, SMS us if you have time, because every night we wait to say you are Good Gight. Romantic nightย 

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Good Night Gf Shayari
Good Night Gf Shayari

Every night you have light, everyone wants to love you, you have spent all your time with their memories, someone should decorate your dreams

The quilt has surrounded you from all sides, put yourself to sleep! Good Night I Love My Janu

Let me send a smile to your lips, send your memories to me, it’s time to sleep right now, send a sweet dream to you. Good Night Sweat Heart

O eyelid, you stop, at least their appearance will be seen, the day goes on like this, at least the night will pass by.

Now neither is their agreement to the day nor peace to the night, now my eyes are filled with memories

This heart lives between so many faces in the day, but only your face remains in the night dream.

Sleep has become very difficult in your memories, and even if you sleep, your sleep has been guarded.

Do not understand this, you are sleeping with you in peace, weeping all night after seeing your picture at night.

We are in your memories every night, we talk to the stars every night.

Every night you are bright, and every night someone is going to say Good Night Wishes to you

In the book of heart, the rose was his, his dream was in the sleep of the night, we asked him how much you love us, you will die without him.

Good Night Wishes

Good Night Gf Shayari
Good Night Gf Shayari

Now, these eyes also support us, now this night is cut only in thoughts, till we tell you Good Night, it refuses to sleep hard.

Just like the moon gives you the moonlight, and the flower blossoms and smells, similarly my heart tells you Good Night.

How much heart has come this night, I have come to you only, I have tried a lot to sleep, but then I have missed you.

It is night, but it is going to be light, heart is there but someone is going to live in it, but time is going to be spent by someone, dreaming, but someone is going to come in it.

Every night you are very golden, and in those nights the buds of dreams bloom, and every morning you are so sweet, and every morning there is a lot of happiness.

We never make you angry, we are very sure of the promise, do not break it, no matter how much you try to forget us, but we never sleep without remembering you.

Something happened after seeing her lovely face, her heart was lost in her intoxicating eyes, today she will come back to my dreams, thinking that I slept every night.

Punish the passing moments in your heart, keep sweet sweet dreams hidden in your eyelids, we will not sleep without doing Good Night Images to you, so keep your mobile near your pillow.

Which thing should become the last in life, and do not know which meeting should become the last, so remember and sleep every night, because do not know which night becomes the last?ย Good Night Gf Shayari

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