Funny Shayari In English For Boyfriend Best Funny Shayari

Funny Shayari In English For Boyfriend

Funny Shayari In English For Boyfriend

Funny Shayari In English For Boyfriend

Aashiq falls madly in love,
The rest of the work is done waiting,
But she doesn’t understand Dilruba,
That is gol gappa and papdi
Eats wanders in the market.

Say goodbye to the tears
Separate sorrows from the heart,
Even then the heart did not feel
So paint my house.

Your face in my heart
Settled down like this,
Like in a small door
The buffalo is trapped.

When the cloud surrounded you,
When Jhoom Ke Barsa Sawan Teri Yaad,
When I got wet I missed you,
My brother, you did not return my umbrella.

The days of youth shone brightly,
Husn’s attitude became sharp,
We were left to express,
On the other hand, his hands turned yellow.

I wish love was insured,
Premiums were paid before making love,
If you get loyalty in love, otherwise
Claim for the expenses incurred would be provided.

Let deep eyes get into the sea,
I am the lover of love, let me die by drowning,
How many bills have I filled with your phone?
I will ask for money but let it go.

I will turn the whole world, O God
Just give strength to get out of the quilt.

Khayal looks forward to the sound,
The eye is looking for some kind of a look,
There is no lack without your friend,
Just the street jamdani remains depressed.

Someone else like you happened on the ground,
So God will complain,
One is not faced,
What will be the situation if the second one comes?

The journey is long, keep making friends,
Keep extending your hands if you do not meet your heart
Do not build Taj Mahal will be expensive
But keep making Mumtaz everywhere.

When you put red dot on the white sari,
I swear you see an ambulance
She takes the injured,
And you get injured and go.

Give your appearance at any time,
I am longing and don’t wait anymore
Do not listen to your voice,
Kill at least one miss time.

Today it will rain on your tears,
Then it will be the dark black night,
SMS. Neither did you hurt my heart,
Go itchy in your body all night.

Do not say black to my lover,
Do not say black to my lover,
God was making sesame seeds,
The cup of ink rolled.

We differ Nashik can do wonders in everything,
Do whatever you promise to do
What is the need for girls to apply lipstick
We kiss and kiss our lips red.

I have a fever with your love
And it is forbidden to eat everything,
The love of one love only
The seasonality of your chaman is told.

Listen to those who love love,
We have taken this pain with our heads,
Where will they go after escaping our gaze,
We took him home in his locality.

If friendship is bad, do not let it happen,
If it happens, don’t let it get lost,
And if friends are the sweetest,
Do not let him sleep peacefully

The legend of pandit and the agony of Bibi are the sameโ€ฆ

Don’t understand much,

Still, one has to pretend to listen attentively ..!

Everywhere is a shadow of study,
Who has found happiness in books,
Boys go to see girls in tutoring,
And sir saysโ€ฆ.
See, in such rain, the boy has come to studyโ€ฆ.

Have receivedโ€ฆ
Bowling of my love, the wicket of his heart droppedโ€ฆ
But look at the fate, his father was an umpire,

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