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Friendship Shayari In Englishย 

Friendship Shayari In English

Friendship Shayari In Englishย 

My memories begin with friendship with youโ€ฆ

You do it or not but remember me in prayersโ€ฆ

What is that friendship in which you are not like your friend,

What is the man for whom we do not have love,

Well, we can rob everything,

And what is the life that does not belong to a friend?

Happy birthday special moments,

Happy new dreams in my eyes

Life has brought you todayย 

Happy happiness of all happiness!

Friendship is like an anna
Which sometimes breaks,
But it cracks even when joined

Ishq asked friendship one day,
When I am here what is your job
So friendship said where you have failed
My name is there

We are very strange friendly,
They do everything on friendship,
We only manage relationships,
But keep the style of friendship separate

Do not try to connect with us in friendship,
Do not try to be angry with us,
If there is any fool in friendship,
So try to forgive him in friendship.

When a friend befriends, it also makes one cry,
Even without friends, the temple also looks cremated,
My friend has spoken in the world, my friend,
Otherwise, Mayyat and Baaraat look alike.

It is said that Holo Sai is flying,
True friend, Sai is an identity,
Everything is found in life,
When there is life in our friendship

I don’t like to walk in the light of day alone,

Rather I like to walk in the dark with my true friend.

A true friend is that,

The time without looking,

Happens to you

Find a true friend very slowly,

And when you find it, never lose it.

A true friend is one who never comes your way,

He takes his step only when your path seems wrong.

Sometimes we used to be proud of our friendship,
Sometimes it was our honor to meet you,
Every moment covers your friendship,
Sometimes you owe me those moments.

We have now learned to live in seclusion,

Because friendship has broken us

Eyes tell us everything in friendship,

He is always young in true friendship.

Some moments of life are very special,
That is meant to taste life,
We befriended you with a loving coincidence,
These coincidences also happen by chance.

What is the friendship that does not have Marcia,

And what is the friendship that does not contain fools

Life goes on every moment,

The light keeps on getting every moment,

The smell of love also keeps on mixing,

But true friendship is rarely seen.

We fell in love with that infidelity,
Filled all the gum inside,
And when we found a friend like you,
So forget all the gum in a few moments

How close are you to us
How special are you to us
I wish you also realized this
We are also special in your memories.

If someone is angry, convince him
If something breaks, take care of it,
Some friends are very dear,
Never even meet in friendship.

We hum the song of friendship,
Sometimes we laugh in friendship, sometimes I cry,
We say we will carry on with our lives,
But people often get separated.

Never love any false friend,
And never lose a true friend.

A true friend is not necessarily a sign of love,
That friend is not necessarily very beautiful,
Then the friendship of a true friend is revealed,
When we need him in any trouble.

Relationships must be fulfilled,
You must come to friendship in friendship,
No matter how deep the clouds of sorrow,
Just a friend should be there.

How will we lend debt to this friendship,
Who will we be friends with when we are not there?
Or God protect my friends,
Because only my friends will pray for my life.

If you get a life, find friends like you,
Otherwise, we should not lock this life.

The relationship is never bad,
But nobody has a friend like you,
We are very happy luck got your friendship,
But there are many people who are not friendly to anyone.

Maybe we don’t know how to live life,
Maybe we don’t know how to handle friendship,
Why are some people angry with us,
Probably because we don’t know how to torture anyone.

Even today, she remembers the friendship of the school college,
The passion of love and friend of dear friends
I was waiting for some watch in my life,
My friend was more than your love,
Your love broke me so much,
Then my friend had added to me.

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